#IAmKomenAustin – My Breast Cancer Scare and Dealing With Anxiety

By: Maggie Borgman

I am a 27 year old waitress who loves spending time volunteering for Love-A-Bull, a non-profit that educates the community on pit bull type dogs. I also love spending time with my fiance, and our 4 dogs, and I am about to start fostering as well! My first pit bull type dog, Carmen, who’s now 11 years old, she really changed everything. Growing up with her, she has shown me the most beautiful parts of life, unconditional love, loyalty, and so much more. It has also made me aware of how people can be so quick to judge, before even giving the situation a chance. Pit bull type dogs are some of the most abused and neglected dogs, and it is my mission, my passion, to advocate and find homes for these amazing dogs! I also have the best friends a girl could ask for, and so far it has been really fun planning my wedding!

Honestly, I was watching TV when I felt the lump on my right breast. I felt it a few more times, then called my fiance into the room. One part of dealing with anxiety is self doubt. Even though I have really good intuition, I am constantly doubting myself, so my fiance confirmed to me that yes, he also felt the lump.


Maggie Borgman with her fiance.

Panic sets in. Not necessarily because I think it’s breast cancer, but because I just dealt with losing my beloved 5 year old pit bull to cancer {lymphoma} and was still dealing with grief, and anger. I also start to panic because another part of dealing with anxiety is, at least for me, feeling like I am constantly drowning in things I need to do. I start to frantically question myself, ‘How do I even begin to deal with this right now, my insurance doesn’t kick in for another month…’ , ‘What if it really is cancer?’ , ‘Who do I talk to?’

I confided in my manager, and she was the one who told me about Susan G. Komen®  Austin, a non profit that helps women get screened for breast cancer.

I immediately go to the website, which was really easy to navigate, and within minutes I was on the phone scheduling my free breast exam. I was really relieved to know there were no online forms to fill out, completely easy and stress free.

I was informed how the SGK [sic] grant worked, and relief started to come over me. This doesn’t have to be a huge financial task! Now that I had scheduled the appointment, I started to get really anxious about the whole process.No one in my family had breast cancer, I really didn’t want to freak out my mom, so I reached out to one of my best friends who has been through a similar situation, and she really helped me cope with what I was going through.

Going through the breast exam was scary, and the doctor confirming the lump was even scarier. Withing 2 days I had someone call me through the grant to schedule an ultra sound. I was so mad that cancer was playing a role in my life again, but I remained really hopeful that it would be benign. Through the ultrasound, we found out that the lump was considered ‘Fibroadenoma’, a benign tumor common in women under age 30. Some of the benign tumors have to be taken out, some don’t, luckily I was just recommended 6 month check ups.

Cancer is a really terrible thing to go through, whether it’s you or a loved one going through it. You watch it change people, break them down, and I wouldn’t wish for anyone to have to go through it, but millions of people do. I’m so grateful that I live in a community dedicated to saving lives. Bringing awareness and medical support is so important.

Thank you, Komen Austin, for all that you do!



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