Make a #KomenPromise

This season Komen Austin is asking everyone to stand up to breast cancer by making a promise to help their loved ones who suffer from the disease. We are asking everyone to stand in solidarity with the 1 in 8 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes by showing support, even if it is through something small.


#KomenPromise could range from things such as pledging to take your sister to the doctor for treatment each time or just being there to show another loved one that you can help them in times of emotional stress.

#KomenPromise is about showing those whom we care so deeply about that they matter. It’s about showing our loved ones that we will be standing right next to them to recovery and beyond.

Make a #KomenPromise . Do it for the 1 in 8.





Pink Tie Guys: Using their local fame for good

An elite group of Austin men have decided to use their local celebrity status for good to promote breast cancer awareness and raise money for Susan G. Komen Austin.

After seeing how the disease adversely affects women world-wide, these men became Pink Tie Guys in order to join the cause to stop breast cancer once and for all.

All of this week, the Pink Tie Guys will be competing against each other to raise a total of $30,000 for women in need of cancer treatment. They will all be posting links to donate to Susan G. Komen on their social media profiles throughout the week. So, pick your favorite guy in a pink tie and donate for the Cure!

You can click here to donate and find the list of our guys in Pink.