Facing forward after a cancer diagnosis

Life is a compilation of exciting and shocking moments. No matter how off putting the situation, your actions through each segment of time define who you are as an individual. Sometimes there are situations that are so extraordinary, both good and bad, you might be rendered dazed and uncertain. In these events, it can be difficult to do anything or even to move forward.

Certain situations, like receiving a cancer diagnosis, can be debilitating. Any idea of how to progress seems obscured in a haze of confusion. In that moment of uncertainty and fear, affirm to yourself that you are loved, you are capable, and you can do this. Affirm to yourself that your strength is what has been carrying you through your entire life, and your strength is marvelous.

In times of distress, believe in your resilience and reach out to others for a support system. There are countless people here to help, just ask. Trust your incredible self; trust your ability to persevere.